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  • Is camping included in the ticket price?
    No when purchasing your tickets you will also need to purchase your camping. It is $10 per person per night for camping.
  • Can we bring pets?
    Yes as long as they are kept on a leash for the duration of the Festival. Check Festival Rules.
  • Are there toilet and shower facilities?
    Yes, we hire in toilet and showers for the use of patrons. These are available from the Monday prior to the festival until the Monday following.
  • Can we have a fire?
    Yes, however it must be in a fire bucket. If it is not, fires will be extinguished by anyone associated with the running of the festival. Check Festival Rules for more information.
  • Is food available?
    Yes, there are food vendors which attend for the duration of the festival. They are cash only due to limited internet connection.
  • Is there water available?
    Yes, there are taps throughout the camping area.
  • Can we camp near our friends/group?
    Yes, notify the gate crew on arrival and they will do their best to accommodate your needs.
  • Can we arrive early and/or stay later than the festival dates?
    Yes, you just need to pay the extra camping fee per person night.
  • Can we camp but not attend the festival events?
    No. Though Wandilla Station accepts camping all year round, during the Festival weekend if camping you will need to also pay the cost for the event.
  • Can we bring our own alcohol?
    Yes, you can within your camp area. In regards to the event area please check with management regarding licencing.
  • What are the camping facilities?
    No powered sites available see camping camping rules regarding generators.
  • Is there mobile signal or WIFI?
    Very limited mobile service. The town of Eulo has full coverage.
  • Are generators allowed in the camp area?
    Yes but please see festival rules and remember to be respectful of other patrons around you.
  • Can I volunteer at the event?
    Yes, please fill out a volunteer enquiry form under the contact section of the website to register your interest.
  • Can I hold a food/ product stall at the event?
    Please fill in a stall holder application on the contact us tab of the website to register your interest.
  • I would like to sponsor your event how do I do that?
    Please contact Carmel via email or the contact us enquiry form.
  • Can I donate an item to the 'Charity Auction'?
    Yes, bring the item with you and speak to management upon arrival.
  • Is there an ATM at the Venue?
    No, it is advisable to get cash prior to your arrival.
  • Is the road sealed?
    No, there is about 10 km leading to Wandilla Station of good dirt road.
  • What is the weather like at that time of year?
    The days are usually warm but nights can get fairly cold.
  • Can we camp wherever we like on the property or are there designated areas?
    We have parking attendents who will park you in the camping area. Camping on the river is accepted however there are no amenities as it is approx. 3km from the main event area.
  • Is there a festival program?
    Yes, the program is released and posted to this site under the line up tab on the main menu. It is advisable that you print a copy to bring with you.
  • If State or Territory Borders are closed, can I get a refund?"
    Please check Refund Policy under Covid 19 on website
  • If the Event is cancelled due to COVID 19 can my payment be refunded?
    Please check the Reefund Policy under Covid 19 on website.
  • If I have cold/flu symptoms, can I recieve a refund?"
    Please check the Refund Policy at Covid 19 on website.
  • Is there any Public Transport to the venue?
    No there is not. The closest town is Eulo and we have 10km of well maintained dirt on the road to the venue
  • Is the venue Wheelchair friendly?
    Stairs and ramps are not required to view entertainment and the site is wheelchair friendly except for a couple of sandy spots.
  • Are there disabled facilities available?
    Yes there are toilets at the event.
  • If persons with disabilities need assistance will it be available?
    Yes, where practicable Event Staff will assist if requested.
  • Will there be 1st aid available at the event?
    Yes, 1st Aid will be onsite for the duration of the event and directions to the 1st Aid tent will be on your Site Plan.
  • Do we need to download the Covidsafe App?
    It is advisable prior to travelling to the event that you downlad the COVID-19 app. Available for download on this site
  • We have decided not to come and wondering if we are able to get a refund
    Please check Refund Policy under Covid-19 on website
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