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Amanda Heartsong

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Amanda Heartsong is an expressive live wire with emotional heart
connecting vocals creating warm and personal performances with old
fashioned country style and grace.
Guided by the natural world, her songs evolve from authentic and unique
life experiences including military service, running her own property in
Baffle Creek, QLD, and navigating life by the stars.
Her musical quest began in the grassroots community of Captain Creek,
playing in duo’s, trio’s and bands before a stint at the Country Music
Academy of Australia propelled her solo career to touring with Catherine
Britt, opening for Adam Harvey and Pete Denaghy, sharing the stage with
greats from the Bushwhackers, to the Rusty Ringers, and Col Finley,
while crooning into the mic along side star guitarists such as Mickey Pye,
Bill Chambers, Laurie Rayment, and Rob Breese.
Her heart message to share with the world is.. "Live your most EPIC life!”

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