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Australia's architects of barefoot hillbilly pop, The Pigs, are an unmissable festival experience.  This year, The Pigs have trotted their way up to No. 1 on the Australian Independent Albums Chart with Hillbilly Synthesiser.  Their most personal offering to date, Hillbilly Synthesiser was born somewhere between the rugged mountains of Australia and the electronic musical heart of Berlin, Germany, with the result being 12 tracks from rocking tunes to bluegrass - laced numbers to their first love song.

Join The Pigs as they play many of their greatest hits from 14 years on the road - putting their unique twist on artists from Farnham to Beyonce and launching tracks from their chart-topping album full of laughs, jealousy, sleepless nights, blue balls, arpeggiators, buffalos, priceless doggy do-dos, robot goats, Barry Whites and more...what else could you need?  Nothin'...."The musical outrage that is The Pigs!" - Richard Glover (ABC Sydney)

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