Saltbush Six

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What does it take to get to number one in the music business?

For those in the know, it’s not just about the talent of the lead’s about the band. And if you want to be famous

you need a band unafraid of the miles and miles of road that need to be travelled, the gritty live shows that must be

tackled head-on and a dedication to the craft that knows no bounds. SaltbushSIx, who are Peter Clarke, Marlon Holden,

Brad ‘Hoola’ Hooper, Allan Cameron and Darcy Crawford, are one such band; in the late 80s and early 90s – the heyday of

live music in Australia – they were the party band for a generation. So pivotal was their talent, skill and dedication, the

band became the launch pad for the most successful global act to come out of Australia in the new millennium – Keith


Joining the band as a shy young guitar player and singer in 1988, Keith Urban still pays homage to the band that showed

him what it takes to make it in the world of professional music. And, when Keith decided to try his luck with a solo career,

key members of the band went with him to become his permanent backing band, from the inception of his Australian

recording career right through to the first deal he signed in the cradle of country music, Nashville Tennessee. Keith’s

critically-acclaimed first album in the US, The Ranch, is today regarded by top US recording companies as the template for

all new artists in America if they want to easily successfully straddle the worlds of rock and country music.

From humble beginnings in southern Queensland, today the band boasts a roll-call of performers they have backed that’s

a veritable who’s who of country and rock: from Lee and Tania Kernaghan and James Blundell, to Doc Neeson’s Angels,

Trisha Yearwood, Big House and the godfather of country music itself, Slim Dusty. A bunch of music professionals whose

love of performing has only increased in their many years working together, SaltbushSix know what it takes to raise the

roof and have fans keep coming back for more.

After a number of years hiatus from the original music scene and many years backing other artists the lads decided in

2018 to record a new album of their own. Bringing on board a young award-winning vocalist, Darcy Crawford, they called

upon all their many contacts and came up with the very best of new, original songs from critically acclaimed songwriters

from around the world. Together with the legendary musician and producer extraordinaire, Mark Moffatt, they have

created a fantastic new album titled ‘Beyond The Ranch’ released in July 2019.

The band are excited to be presenting these new songs to Australian audiences throughout the year and with festivals

already booked, SaltbushSix are ready to take on the world again.

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