*Please be advised that the Music in the Mulga team have the right to ask you to leave should you not follow the festival rules and/ or if your behaviour is found to be inaprropriate.


  • Porta potties and cassettes not to be emptied into permanent toilets, there is a dump point in Eulo or see festival organisers

  • Keep your site clean and tidy


  • No open fires to be on the ground

  • ALL fires to be in containers

*If these fire rules are not adhered to you will be asked to extinguish fires or they will be extinguished for you


  • Wristbands are to be worn for the duration of the festival


  • Generators noise level should not exceed 68db

  • Generators not to be run longer than 2 hours consecutively

  • Generators only to be run between the hours of 8am and 10pm


*if you need to run longer than this please first see Festival organizers


  • D

    ogs must be kept in control and on a leash at all times when not at your campsite

  • O

    wners must clean up any mess after their dog

General Behaviour

Our Festival is a family friendly, open and welcoming environment. 

In order to maintain this environment we ask that you behave in an appropriate mannor.

If you are found to be being disruptive or inappropriate you will be asked to leave by Festival Organisers and Security without question.

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Contact us

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Phone: 07 4655 4065

  0488 333 544

Enquire: via Contact Us page

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