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INNOCENTEVE: singers, songwriters and sisters!

With poetic lyrics, powerful vocals and perfect harmonies this duo is turning heads across Australia and abroad. They’ve graced stages at some of our most iconic festival including Tamworth CMF, Gympie Muster and the Birdsville Big Red Bash. From Northern QLD at the Airlie Beach Festival of Music, down to the Latrobe Valley in Victoria for the Glenmaggie CMF, then on the high seas onboard Cruisin’ Country.

INNOCENTEVE have also headed to the US to perform at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee representing Australia in the Australian Showcase during Americanafest. 

Raised in a large, musical family, on a cattle property in Central Queensland, these girls have been singing together since they could talk. They have been performing professionally together for over a decade with a live show that is a testament to their experience and dedication to great performance.

"There is something very special about their sound, reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks or Wilson Phillips, it must be a sister thing." - Rob Mackay | Pacific International Music

The girls released their first album "Temporary Balms" produced by ARIA charting producer Joel Black, in April 2015. This album received extensive radio play Australia wide, with singles charting in various radio charts and in the CMC Top 40. 

Their new EP, True North, produced by ARIA and Golden Guitar award winning producer, Matt Fell has captured the essence of the girls' personalities with its warm tones and moving lyrics. True North, was released in November 2016 via Checked Label Services and has all the signs of becoming a career making EP. 'Sisters' is the second single taken the EP "True North" was released to radio March 2017 and is written about the three Olsson sisters; Bec, Rachel and Catherine who share a strong bond and who were all once in a
covers band together. Although quite different in looks, personality and situation, they all share blue eyes and a determination to always have each other's back, no matter what! 

"Since embarking on our INNOCENTEVE journey almost three years ago, we've often felt unsure of where we fitted musically. The True North metaphor shone through for us when we were making this EP. The roots of it show that over a long distance, if a traveller were to follow Magnetic North on a compass they would likely end up well off course from their destination, but by following True North, the traveller will always reach their intended destination. We feel like we've tapped into our own True North while making this EP & we will follow it now to wherever it leads", Rachel & Bec aka INNOCENTEVE. 

INNOCENTEVE have proven themselves as adept and engaging song-writers who capture people with their stories and their emotive lyrics. With just the right combination of sassy and sweet, warm tones, mesmerising sibling harmonies combined with their vibrant live performance, people are wanting to hear more from INNOCENT EVE.

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Belly Glow. Official Music Video. Innocent Eve.
"And We Sang" by Innocent Eve
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